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Hair band from fabric scrap

What can you do with the fabric scraps from your sewing projects?

It seems like elastic ties for hair are disappearing mysteriously in my home, a bit like socks in the washing machine.
So, when I sew with stretch fabric, I use up some of the leftovers to make hair bands. I find that wide elastic bands are more gentle on my straight thin hair than the hair ties. 

They also have the advantage that, if you are a detail maniac, your hair bands will always match your outfits!


They are very quick and straightforward to do,  here’s how:

  • The first step is cutting out the fabric, you will need a 16 x 8 cm rectangle.


  • Fold the fabric in half on the long side wrong sides together, and press.
  • Then fold again the two halves towards the centre, and press. You should have 3 creases in the end, like in the picture.

  • Sew together the shorter sides, right side together with a plain straight stitch, do not forget to back-stitch.  There is no need for a zig-zag or other elastic stitches as the sewing will not be in the direction of stress.

  • Now fold the extremities in.

  • To secure the band and prevent it from unfolding, use a straight stitch and sew over, or next to the first seam, and sew again right opposite to it.


It’s done!

I often carry them around on my arm, and use them whenever I go to the the gym or if it’s windy. 

What do you do with fabric scraps?


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