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Did you hear of the Me-made-May 2019? And did you sign up? I’m doing it right now, and this is my pledge:

I, Donatella, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to  1. finish at least 2 of my UFOs, and  2. clean and renew part of my wardrobe by refashioning or upcycling the garments that I’m not using anymore during May 2019.

You can read all about #memademay2019 on Zoe’s blog, the author of the challenge . 

The creator’s idea is to “encourage people who make their own clothes to develop a better relationship with their handmade wardrobe”.

Reading the many pledges on the #memademay2019 page, it is easy to see how this initiative challenges people to be more conscious of their choices, and question themselves about the composition and variety of their own wardrobe ( i.e.  How many dresses that I’m not using anymore do I own? How many forgotten shirts/skirts/trousers/etc. do I have hidden in my wardrobe? Do I really need to buy yet again new clothes?), leading to a different way we consume Fashion.

And anyway, this initiative simply celebrate the satisfaction and happiness that comes from wearing your own “memade”, calling everyone to come out and show off their work!

They also produced badges that you can order here, and 20% of the profit is being donated to Labour Behind the Label.

I see many people committing to wear only “memade” garments and accessories, or to wear at least one handmade thing per day. Using only self-made clothes would still be quite difficult for me, as I still haven’t sewed many for myself, plus I find more significant for me to really try to clean up my wardrobe.

Not long ago I selected which clothes I’m not using anymore and removed them from my wardrobe. Even if I’m not buying new garments often anymore, the amount of clothes that I own is still huge, as I rarely throw away any.
I prepared a few bags with the discarded clothes, of which some I donated to charity and some I kept to refashion them. I look forward to try out some of the cool ideas that I found online! I think it is a great way to learn new sewing skills as well!

I will try to document some of my attempts here on my blog and on my Instagram account. Refashioning is a daunting challenge when you are first starting, I’d really would appreciate some advises and feedback.

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